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Certify your tier of operation or upload your CDL medical certificateTo use this online application you must already have a Wisconsin commercial driver license CDL. Please review everything below before using this online system.What can you do with this online system?Add or change your tier of operation You can add or change your tier of operation at any time. This is called certifying your tier of operation. A change in your tier of operation may affect where you can operate commercially. You must be a CDL operator and at least age 21 to certify tiers 1 or 2. Any commercial operator can self certify tiers 3 or 4. Learn more about the different tiers and in which tier you operate.Upload your medical certificate Upload your federal medical examiner certificate Fed Med card at any time. Tier 1 drivers are required to submit their Fed Med card to the DMV and keep it updated. Drivers who have certified to operate at Tier 2, 3 or 4 are not required to submit their Fed Med card and will not need to use this system. Print a receipt of your transaction. Note: The receipt is NOT valid to present to law enforcement or as proof you meet the commercial medical standards. The actual medical certificate and information on your record are the true verification that you meet these standards.View your current medical status View your current self certification or check to see if your medical certificate has been added to your record.What do you need? Your Wisconsin driver license number, the last four digits of your Social Security number and product number from your driver license 11 digit number from the back of your license. If you are uploading a new certificate, you will also need the certificate available in an acceptable file type not to exceed 5 MB. File types will need to be PDF, JPG, GIF or PNG. You will have to fax or mail your medical certificate to the DMV if the file type or size does not match our criteria.Note: Once the online transaction is completed you cannot cancel the transaction.You will be unable to use this online system if: You do not have a Wisconsin commercial driver license CDL. You are under the age of 18.Processing timePlease allow adequate time for your driver record to be updated. Although most certificates are added to the record in two to three business days, it may take up to 10 business days for this process to complete.Note for tier 1 operators: If your previous certificate is still valid you are still medically certified to continue driving in interstate commerce. However, if you already received a “Not Certified” letter from the DMV because your certificate or waiver expired, you will not be eligible to operate in interstate commerce until your driver record is updated. You can check your status by logging into the application below.Reminders for CDL operatorsYou are required to keep your current physical address on file with the DMV. Failure to update your address in a timely manner can result in a delay when receiving correspondence from the DMV. If you need to update your address, please visit your local

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