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Using Email-A-Locate

  • If a user clicks the “submit” button on the web form and does not receive a tracking number, or receives a browser error, it should be assumed that Diggers Hotline has not received the information.
  • Even though the program allows requested start dates/times to be a minimum of 3 working days, it is recommended that users allow for 4 working days. This insures that should a problem arise, more time is available to rectify the situation.
  • Most importantly, NEVER assume that your responsibility ends when “submit” is clicked. It is your responsibility to verify that you have received a copy of the ticket. If you do not receive an email with your ticket from Diggers Hotline you are NOT clear to dig.
  • If you have any questions about whether or not your information has been received, please contact (800) 722-4120 or email us.

Email-A-Locate Requirements

  • Only routine, non-emergency locate requests and planning-purpose requests
  • Your start date of not less than three working days for a non-emergency locate request. It should be noted that under certain circumstances a fourth day may be needed.
  • If filing a planning-purpose request, a start date of 10 calendar days is required. It should be noted that under certain circumstances an 11th day may be needed.
  • The start date cannot be more than 30 calendar days in the future
  • Only one excavation site is allowed per locate request. Large projects, such as gas or sewer main installation, can be described as one locate request provided the work involves a single street. Example: Work on Wisconsin Ave. between First St. and Tenth St. can be submitted on one locate request.
  • Additional work for the same project, but on a different street, must be submitted on a separate locate request

Filling out the Required Information

  • Provide the required information in the Contractor Information and Work Information areas. If you have problems or questions regarding the information required, please refer to the How to Use Diggers Hotline Page and/or the Email-a-Locate guide.
  • Enter the date that you desire to start your excavation. It is recommended that users allow for 4 working days. The date should be less than 30 calendar-days from the current date.
  • Choose the best option under the Type of Work pull-down menu. If there is not a adequate option, click the circle next to the blank field and type in the type of work.
  • If you are submitting a planning purpose ticket, choose a start date and time that is 10 calendar days from the next business day. Be sure to indicate your locate request is ?FOR PLANNING PURPOSE ONLY? in the Remarks area. Enter marking instructions as clearly and concisely as possible. Describe the specific area on the work site where excavation will take place and where underground facilities need to be located and marked. The word “mark” should be included. Example: Mark the entire W half of lot. You may include any other comments or information that you feel is pertinent in the Remarks section. The approximate size of the lot, the distance the work will take place off the road and the exact intersection when a road intersects more than once are some examples of useful remarks.

After a Locate Request is Submitted

  • The tracking number given at the end of the Email-A-Locate process is NOT a Diggers Hotline ticket number.  The tracking number is used for tracking the process of your locate request. Your Diggers Hotline ticket number and start date and time will be e-mailed to you after your locate request has been processed at the call center. Please be sure to check that operations@diggershotline.com is not being caught by your spam filter.
  • Diggers Hotline will make every effort to review Email-A-Locates submitted during normal business hours (6am to 6pm) so the start date and time will be 3 working days from the day the ticket was submitted.  Time of the day it is submitted, call volume, and staffing levels all can potentially affect our ability to process your ticket within the same day’s working hours.  This is why the possibility exists of you receiving a 4 working day start date instead of 3 working days.
  • Diggers Hotline reviews all submitted Email-A-Locates for accuracy and thoroughness.  Call Center Representatives also finalize your ticket by identifying your worksite in our mapping system.  If there are concerns about the information you provided or our ability to accurately identify your worksite on the map, we will contact you by phone between 8am and 9pm.  If outside those hours, we will contact you via email.  If we were unable to speak to you directly, you will have 3 business days to call us back to help clarify and finalize your locate request.  If you do not call us back within 3 business days, the locate request will be voided.
  • The legal start date and time will be determined by the date and time the locate request is finalized by our Call Center Representative, or the date and time you selected, whichever is later.
  • It is the responsibility of the originating company to verify that they receive a response to each locate request sent to Diggers Hotline. It is the total responsibility of the originating company to verify the accuracy of all of the information contained in the Diggers Hotline response.
  • Diggers Hotline will provide the originating company with a copy of the actual locate request that is sent to the appropriate member companies

Note: Diggers Hotline and our members do not locate private facilities, including propane lines. View the Locators page to find a locate company that will locate private facilities for a fee.

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